The Perfect Smoked Salmon Spinach Dip



-8oz pouch of Little Miss Chief smoked salmon

-1 Tin of shrimp or 200g of fresh shrimp

-1pkg Frozen chopped spinach (slightly cooked with juices drained off)

-1 Cup sour cream

-1 Cup of mayonnaise

-1 Package of dry vegetable soup mix

-1tbs Tabasco sauce

-3 Green onions, finely chopped 

-1 Tin of sliced water chestnuts

-1 Loaf of sourdough (round or fancy bread)


-Drain smoked salmon juices.

-Mix all ingredients together and set aside.

-Add the ingredients and refrigerate overnight.

-Hollow out the bread to form a bowl. 

-Cube all the remaining bread that was cut out and place around the loaf when serving.

-Serve and enjoy!


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