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Ace Curries To Go Ltd.
Ace Curries To Go...a Dream come True!!! Jas & Vick Two simple and easy going individuals. Bajaj & Jasvir Deol Vikram Two complete separate back grounds Jasvir or Jas as she is known by her friends comes from the villages of Punjab in India where she grew up working in the fields with her parents. A small village called ``Kapurthala`` near Jalandhar (Jalandhar means area inside the water or a piece of land laying between two bodies of water The rivers Beas & The river Sutlej run on the two sides of Jalandhar) Being a farmer is the most unappreciated profession in the world you grow vast quantities of food and if you are lucky and escape the clutches of landowners etc then you may be able to feed your family 2 square meals a day. But then the pleasure of tilling the land and seeing the healthy crop i suppose is a passion. Jas grew up here working the fields from a tender age and this is where she developed her taste for all things Natural & Wholesome, here is also where she realized the... More

Angkor Harvest
Our roots trace back to Cambodia; guided by an immense desire to reconnect with the motherland, Panya and Sophea, are honored to reveal to you-the buried Cambodian culinary gems saturated in Cambodian farmers’ care, pride, expertise, sweat and craftsmanship. Born and raised in Cambodia, Panya’s earliest and fondest memories of food come from licking boiled caramelized, sticky palm sugar off his fingers. The comfort of family and food emerged from sitting with his family around a meal of fragrant soup, and steamy, tantalizing aromatic white jasmine rice, cultivated by his parents on the family’s land in Kom Pong Speu, Cambodia.

Chef Ann Kirsebom's Gourmet Sauces/BBQ Ltd.
Classically French trained, Chef Ann Kirsebom has cooked with acclaimed Chefs from around the world. Extensive globetrotting has been a true inspiration for her gourmet sauces, as she has sourced only the finest authentic ingredients in her travels. As the Chef of the Jade Garden-Asian Restaurant aboard the luxury cruise ship “The Crystal Symphony” Chef Kirsebom sailed through Europe, the Orient and through the South Pacific on a culinary journey with each new country, a new discovery of flavor combinations was born. Chef Kirsebom is the Executive Chef of a successful, full service Boutique catering company in Vancouver, British Columbia. Chef Kirsebom is also a Culinary Educator, having taught the Serious Amateur program at the Dubrulle French Culinary School in Vancouver, where she graduated, and various Culinary Schools in Vancouver and private classes in the resort of Whistler. She also led food and wine enthusiasts sailing through Europe and the Panama Canal as part of “The Ultimate Dinner... More

Christopher Norman Chocolates
Christopher Norman Chocolates Story  We started out in a little kitchen we built in John Down’s art studio. Soon, we took over the entire studio and the space next door. .  . and we had a staff! Martha Stewart came by, we had outdoor receptions - it was a lot of fun and lot of work.  Once we outgrew that space, we moved down the street from the NY Stock Exchange, as part of a Downtown Redevelopment group. Christopher Norman Chocolates were in the NY Times quite a bit, in Food & Wine, Gourmet, Bon Appetit, as well as on television. We did a lot of Japanese television from there. We had sessions with university students and elementary school students. We did everything from our downtown location! Unfortunately, we both became quite ill, and we ended leaving after 10 years.  After a few years of  rest, we resurfaced on the BC West Coast.  Boy, is it different here, and we’re loving it!

Crave Stevia
The Crave Stevia story began in the beautiful city of Nanaimo, British Columbia. Founders Rob and Leanna Hatch had been searching for a healthy alternative to sugar. Unfortunately, back in 2000, there were primarily artificial sugar substitutes on the market that left a bad after taste and were unhealthy. So, Rob and Leanna began experimenting with a South American plant called stevia. Stevia extract provides up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar but with zero calories. Now, people with weight problems or other health issues could satisfy their sweet tooth and not worry about calories or sugar’s adverse health effects. Leanna had more than thirty years of experience in the natural health industry, and Rob had decades of business management experience. They knew the damage sugar caused the body and were determined to provide Canadians with an option to reduce their sugar intake without sacrificing sweet flavour. In 2002, they created Crave Stevia. They began offering pure stevia extract in a... More

Forest for Dinner
Forest for Dinner is a wildcrafting company founded in 2015 by husband and wife  Benjamin Patarin  and  Célia Auclair . We bring high-quality wild food products harvested from the wilderness of Vancouver Island into the retail space and local food and beverage industry. Our company is built upon a shared love of nature, wild food, and decades of experience foraging all over the world. “We’re wild about foraging nourishing, world-changing foods.”

Gathering Place Trading Ltd.
Gathering Place Trading Ltd is a family business founded on Cortes Island in 2003 and currently located in Campbell River on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We provide superior quality, certified organic, spices, Canadian grown herbs, vanilla, and sea salt sourced directly from family or cooperative farms. Our whole line of seasonings is incredibly fresh, tasty, fully traceable, always organic, non-GMO, and never contain anything artificial. We travel to family farms and cooperatives around the world to ensure every ingredient we source meet the highest standards of organic and sustainable farming practices. Our sources also exemplify fair trade principles such as gender equity, fair pay, and no labour exploitation, and we establish long-term direct trading relationships with these exceptional partners. This is the pillar on which our business was founded. In addition to running Gathering Place Trading (GPT), we are also organic growers and homesteaders on 22 acres of land. We share... More

Hooray Truffles
WE SPECIALIZE IN ORGANIC, CERTIFIED VEGAN, ALLERGEN FREE DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES AND CARAMELS Our chocolates are also gluten free, soy free, and fruit sweetened with no refined sugar.  Nutrient density is our passion and we demonstrate it in the creation of a chocolate truffle that is healthy and whole.  An exceptional truffle taste experience that utilizes organic, fairtrade, certified vegan couverture of the highest calibre . We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. To view our other flavour profiles or to order please visit our website: The Vegan, Chocolate Experts

Kettle and Hive
Citron Tea is a simple natural herbal tea mix made from fresh lemons and honey, just add a spoon full to hot water for a soothing and nourishing drink  caffeine free, naturally sweetened with honey, simple ingredients 

Little Miss Chief Gourmet Products
Little Miss Chief - Gourmet Smoked Salmon. An Authentic Aboriginal Recipe Passed Down Through Generations. Little Miss Chief’s Wild Smoked Salmon’s delicate balance of exquisite flavours and aroma’s are sought after around the world and are available online and at discerning grocery stores, delicatessens, specialty food stores throughout Canada.

Local Pulse
At Local Pulse, we believe that together we can make big changes through little choices. Nobody should regret what they eat. Whatever your regular diet is, we strive to help you reduce your ecological footprint and develop a healthy relationship with food via one easy pulse-based choice at a time. Why pulses? Pulses (beans, peas and lentils) are superfoods. Not only are they super nutritious, they are also super sustainable. Pulses have one of the lowest water and carbon footprints of any other protein source, and Canada is one of the biggest growers of pulses in the world! Pulses form a special symbiotic relationship with nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the soil. These bacteria are able to take nitrogen from the air and trap it in the soil in a form that plants are able to use to make proteins! Otherwise, farmers have to add nitrogen fertilizers to the soil. These fertilizers are one of the main culprits responsible for the high carbon footprint of most food crops. Pulses are so good at... More

Mellifera Bees
Mellifera Bees produces distinctive, hand-crafted honey infusions of exceptional quality. Each jar contains un-filtered honey harvested from happy hives in neighbourhoods not so far from where you live, across the Lower Mainland and British Columbia. Suffused with a rich bouquet of aromatic flavours, the honey’s unique character is produced from the wild wanderings of Mellifera bees and enhanced with a delicate blend of spices or fruit. Each ingredient is chosen for quality and freshness and sourced exclusively from small, independently owned British Columbia companies specializing in certified Organic, Fair Trade comestibles. Served alongside other high quality foods, Mellifera honeys pair beautifully with wine, artisan cheeses and crusty French bread. Enjoy it drizzled over homemade ice cream, stirred into hot beverages, added to dressings or alone on a spoon. Delectable, elegant and lovingly prepared, Mellifera products make ideal gifts for all occasions. Borrowing its name... More

Munch Life Inc.
Munch is the definition of delicious! Located in Port Coquitlam, we have a passion for sharing our love of food with everyone we meet. Each nut that enters our door is delicately seasoned, fresh roasted and stone-ground to perfection. 

Okanagan Pasta Company
Welcome to Okanagan Pasta Co. Everything started with Cansu's passion for eating pasta . Each trip we took to a different country or a city, finding the fresh pasta was her number one priority. The year 2020 proved to us, once again how important life is. Without love and passion, it is tough to enjoy life itself. During the global lockdown, we had the chance to stop and listened to ourselves. Soon we rediscovered our love for cooking again, and pasta was the favourite of all.  Both of us have a Bachelors's degree in Culinary Arts and Management and a College degree in Pastry Arts. We both have over ten years of work experience in the Culinary Industry. A small community kitchen in Kelowna, BC, paved the way for us to start building our passion slowly but surely. Old kitchen notebooks from our University years had many pasta recipes. However, they needed fine-tuning and adjusting to showcase 100% organic Canadian Durum flour and freshest BC farmed eggs together with the... More

Queen B Popcorn
As a Kelowna-based company, Queen B aims to make snacking a royally delicious, celebration-worthy, and joyous experience. The Splendid Snack was launched in 2002 at farmers' markets, festivals, and events in Kelowna. Over the years, other popcorn flavours have been added to the initial Kettle Korn. Since 2006, Queen B’s popcorn has been available in grocery stores, fruit stands, produce and farm markets along the Okanagan Valley.

Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts Ltd.
Snowdon House’s dedicated founder Laura Waters has been creating, cooking and gardening her way through life as long as she can remember. Whether living in the BC interior, hours away from the nearest grocery store or restoring a run-down four-acre farm in North Saanich in the latest chapter of her storied life, Laura keeps on cooking. Snowdon House Gourmet& Gifts – named after her grandmother who also knew a thing or two about resilience- is the result of Laura’s determination. Laura purchased the farm in 2009 with the intention of transforming her passion for gardening, cooking and art into a viable business. Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts now produces a bounty of unique food products including fruit-infused vinegars, beer & cider bread mixes, soup mixes, dip mixes, Sparkling Fir Essence, and brie toppers. She also offers handmade packaging and paper products, bath products, wreaths and floral designs. The most original products are made from the 1,600 Douglas Fir trees that were initially... More

SpiceWorks Food Creations
For over a decade, SpiceWorks has been providing quick and delicious meal solutions for at-home cooking. Developed, blended and packaged at our own facility in South Surrey, BC, these complex recipes for ethnic Sauces, Marinades and Dips are truly restaurant quality, but ready in just minutes, needing only one or two extra ingredients.   Background : After operating a successful deli featuring ethnic take-out dishes we made from scratch, we asked " why not a simple way to make these at home ?"  So, combining our love of food and love of travel, Nina created a selection of our ethnic favorites, but using only herbs and spices.  All our products are Gluten Free, Nut Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free .  Unique in the marketplace, we remain true to our artisan roots, everything we do is in-house... no co-packers or out-sourcing, so we control the quality and flavor.  After all, it's all about taste! More

THE BOG Riverside Cranberry Farm
Our Story Local roots grow deep… Farming has been in the Dewit family for generations. Brian’s grandparents were local dairy and poultry farmers and his parents, Jack and Joanne Dewit continued the tradition with dairy and hogs in the Fort Langley area. In 1999 the opportunity to expand into growing cranberries became a new direction of farming for the family.      Growing up on a farm, Brian is grateful for his upbringing and the privilege of working alongside his parents. He continues to share this love of the land, continually learning from the experience and seeing the literal “fruits” of his labour.  In 2010 we began our own separate cranberry farm, planting 35 acres across the road from the existing family farm and joining the Ocean Spray Cranberry Cooperative.  11 years later, we are still passionate about our cranberries and work hard to grow high quality fruit. A couple years ago, we decided to share our berries directly with our local BC market... More