South Indian Spice Box

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These spices are hand selected to provide you with the authentic taste of the Southern region of India. The two Curry blends were created by our partners in South India and are now hand-blended in our facility on Vancouver Island. Turmeric is a staple in every Indian meal and popular for its anti-inflammatory effects - try a tablespoon when cooking rice! Cumin and Coriander are great additions to many Indian inspired dishes. Smoked Chili Flakes are incredible as a condiment on the table for every meal. We work with fair-trade partners and family farms across the world supporting farmer-direct connections and sustainable practices. From farmer to family, for love of the Earth.

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Heather Nichol
First of all, even though they are dried, there is a brightness in colour and flavour. They are ethically sourced, and produced.Thank you for such a great product line!
So this is what good quality spices look like!
Gathering Place Trading Ltd. reply
Thank you for your review, Heather! We are very proud of how vibrant our herbs and spices are! So nice to hear that you feel the same.
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