Certified Organic, Grass Fed Prime Rib Roast (Deposit of $65 or $130 depending on size.)

Shipping time and rates:

Our DEPOSIT prices are $65 for 2.5lb and $130 for 5lbs.

Blue Goose Prime Rib Roast - Available in 2.5lbs or 5.0lb options. The 2.5lb roast feeds 4 - 5 people, and the 5.0lb roast will feed 8 - 10 people. Just select the size you want from the drop down option.

Breakdown of your cost: 2.5lbs (or 1.14kg) is equal to $26.18/lb (or $57.60/kg) is what the roast costs. If there is any significant overage/under on the weight we will either refund or charge extra. We will ALWAYS communicate this with you first.

Deliciously tender prime rib cut. Slow roast for best results. 

Their livestock are humanely treated, raised with no added hormones or antibiotics, and because healthy land produces healthy animals, Blue Goose cattle are kept robust and healthy naturally - without the need for medications. Any animal that has to be treated with antibiotics is removed from the program. Grass fed and finished on organic legumes grown on the farm.

Their ranch implements innovative land stewardship plans that will help protect healthy ecosystems for years to come - preserving healthy forests and grasslands, diverse plant communities, clean water and wildlife habitat.

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