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The Crave Stevia story began in the beautiful city of Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Founders Rob and Leanna Hatch had been searching for a healthy alternative to sugar. Unfortunately, back in 2000, there were primarily artificial sugar substitutes on the market that left a bad after taste and were unhealthy.

So, Rob and Leanna began experimenting with a South American plant called stevia. Stevia extract provides up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar but with zero calories. Now, people with weight problems or other health issues could satisfy their sweet tooth and not worry about calories or sugar’s adverse health effects.

Leanna had more than thirty years of experience in the natural health industry, and Rob had decades of business management experience. They knew the damage sugar caused the body and were determined to provide Canadians with an option to reduce their sugar intake without sacrificing sweet flavour.

In 2002, they created Crave Stevia. They began offering pure stevia extract in a liquid and powdered form online.

Today, the little Canadian start-up has grown into an international company. They offer 28 flavours (and growing) of organic stevia drops, stevia powder, and stevia-infused baking mixes. They have regular customers worldwide who enjoy the sweet taste and natural health benefits of Crave Stevia products

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