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Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts Ltd.
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Snowdon House’s dedicated founder Laura Waters has been creating, cooking and gardening her way through life as long as she can remember. Whether living in the BC interior, hours away from the nearest grocery store or restoring a run-down four-acre farm in North Saanich in the latest chapter of her storied life, Laura keeps on cooking.

Snowdon House Gourmet& Gifts – named after her grandmother who also knew a thing or two about resilience- is the result of Laura’s determination. Laura purchased the farm in 2009 with the intention of transforming her passion for gardening, cooking and art into a viable business.

Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts now produces a bounty of unique food products including fruit-infused vinegars, beer & cider bread mixes, soup mixes, dip mixes, Sparkling Fir Essence, and brie toppers. She also offers handmade packaging and paper products, bath products, wreaths and floral designs.

The most original products are made from the 1,600 Douglas Fir trees that were initially planted as a Christmas tree farm on the property. Laura wanted to find a more sustainable and renewable use for the Douglas Fir Trees.  Through extensive research, Laura discovered that West Coast First Nations traditionally made tea from the fir tips. Through creativity and innovative cooking & sampling, Laura developed a line of products that now include fruit-infused vinegars, Sparkling Fir Essence & brie toppers that feature the distinctive flavour of the Douglas Fir.

Snowdon House’s innovative products are showcased in over twenty retail locations in BC. We offer hassle-free home cooking and convenient comfort food that will nourish you and your family. We don’t spend nearly enough time at our dinner table anymore and Snowdon House wants to change that. Laura believes that when life throws you a curveball, you can “cook your way out of any mess”. At Snowdon House, we want to inspire you to cook, create and grow.

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