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Protein Powered
Our grassfed protein pancake mix swings both ways (sweet or savoury), so you can really mix it up! No more staring in the fridge wondering what to eat! Make a quick, easy, nutritionally balanced meals in minutes! The possibilities are endless, with variations for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Protein Powered products are made in the Okanagan. 

Queen B Popcorn
As a Kelowna-based company, Queen B aims to make snacking a royally delicious, celebration-worthy, and joyous experience. The Splendid Snack was launched in 2002 at farmers' markets, festivals, and events in Kelowna. Over the years, other popcorn flavours have been added to the initial Kettle Korn. Since 2006, Queen B’s popcorn has been available in grocery stores, fruit stands, produce and farm markets along the Okanagan Valley.

Rad Jamz & Preserves Inc
Meet Kyla King Kyla King is the owner and operator of  Rad Jamz , an Okanagan jam company creating amazing products from jams and jellies to pickles, pies, and more. Rad Jamz is located in West Kelowna, BC. How did you get into jam making? I grew up in East Kelowna with my parents and sister. My mom and dad both grew up on farms in Alberta so gardening and preserving was part of our routine every year. We were lucky to live in a part of the world that is so abundant with fresh fruits. I had never even tried store bought jam growing up as we always had my mom’s strawberry freezer jam on hand. Jam, pickled everything, salsa, canned tomatoes, tomato pasta sauce, canned peaches, fresh apple juice… These are just a few things I can think of that we had on hand in our pantry all throughout winter. What did you do before you started Rad Jamz? After high school I went straight to Okanagan College to get my Red Seal as a chef. From the start of my career I was very passionate... More

Smithereens Mushroom Inc
Smithereens Mushrooms: a Passion for Food and Medicine Marie-Eve Arseneault and Alexis Galus, well known for their culinary expertise, are passionate about mushrooms. Marie-Eve is a trained sommelier, and Alexis is a French Chef with over 25 years of experience in gastronomy. They’ve grown their own mushrooms for culinary and medicinal purposes for years, and now they’re bringing their knowledge and passion to the world, offering dried mushroom and spice packages, mushroom jerky, and extracts of Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, and Cordyceps Militaris mushrooms. Their mushrooms are grown in a sterile environment on an organic substrate that is recycled into compost. How it all started When Marie-Eve’s father was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, they began to look for ways to protect her from the disease. Their research led them to Lion’s Mane mushrooms. These gourmet mushrooms are a beautiful, shaggy-looking white fungus that grows on hardwoods throughout North America,... More

Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts Ltd.
Snowdon House’s dedicated founder Laura Waters has been creating, cooking and gardening her way through life as long as she can remember. Whether living in the BC interior, hours away from the nearest grocery store or restoring a run-down four-acre farm in North Saanich in the latest chapter of her storied life, Laura keeps on cooking. Snowdon House Gourmet& Gifts – named after her grandmother who also knew a thing or two about resilience- is the result of Laura’s determination. Laura purchased the farm in 2009 with the intention of transforming her passion for gardening, cooking and art into a viable business. Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts now produces a bounty of unique food products including fruit-infused vinegars, beer & cider bread mixes, soup mixes, dip mixes, Sparkling Fir Essence, and brie toppers. She also offers handmade packaging and paper products, bath products, wreaths and floral designs. The most original products are made from the 1,600 Douglas Fir trees that were initially... More

SpiceWorks Food Creations
For over a decade, SpiceWorks has been providing quick and delicious meal solutions for at-home cooking. Developed, blended and packaged at our own facility in South Surrey, BC, these complex recipes for ethnic Sauces, Marinades and Dips are truly restaurant quality, but ready in just minutes, needing only one or two extra ingredients.   Background : After operating a successful deli featuring ethnic take-out dishes we made from scratch, we asked " why not a simple way to make these at home ?"  So, combining our love of food and love of travel, Nina created a selection of our ethnic favorites, but using only herbs and spices.  All our products are Gluten Free, Nut Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free .  Unique in the marketplace, we remain true to our artisan roots, everything we do is in-house... no co-packers or out-sourcing, so we control the quality and flavor.  After all, it's all about taste! More

Tayybeh Foods Ltd.
About Us Tayybeh is Vancouver's top provider of Middle Eastern catering services and authentic specialty Syrian products. A social enterprise established in October 2016 to provide employment, social support, and financial security for Syrian newcomer women, Tayybeh began as an immensely popular dinner series across the Lower Mainland. Today, Tayybeh's all-women operation is the provider of award-winning catering for all occasions and authentic Syrian marinated grill products, dips, spreads, delicacies, and frozen meals. Click below to learn more about the Tayybeh story, the extraordinary flavours of Syrian cuisine, what the media have said about us, the awards and accolades we have received, and how we contribute to building a healthier community for all in the Lower Mainland. Syrian Cuisine Known across the Middle East and North Africa, Syrian cuisine is widely recognized as one of the most elaborate, sophisticated, diverse, and expansive traditions in the region at large if not globally.... More

THE BOG Riverside Cranberry Farm
Our Story Local roots grow deep… Farming has been in the Dewit family for generations. Brian’s grandparents were local dairy and poultry farmers and his parents, Jack and Joanne Dewit continued the tradition with dairy and hogs in the Fort Langley area. In 1999 the opportunity to expand into growing cranberries became a new direction of farming for the family.      Growing up on a farm, Brian is grateful for his upbringing and the privilege of working alongside his parents. He continues to share this love of the land, continually learning from the experience and seeing the literal “fruits” of his labour.  In 2010 we began our own separate cranberry farm, planting 35 acres across the road from the existing family farm and joining the Ocean Spray Cranberry Cooperative.  11 years later, we are still passionate about our cranberries and work hard to grow high quality fruit. A couple years ago, we decided to share our berries directly with our local BC market... More

Twisted Goat Coffee
Twisted Goat started on a journey west across the Rocky Mountains of BC in 2013. We quickly fell in love with its beautiful landscape and the abundance of outdoor adventure. We hiked, biked, skied, kayaked and explored this landscape always enjoying our next journey. We wanted to craft a coffee that was meant for adventure, one that you pack in your backpack, alongside your French Press to enjoy when you’re out exploring. In 2017, we bought a roaster and began the learning process, experimenting with different roasts and blends to create the products we share with you today.   We are committed to supporting the farmers who worked hard to grow and harvest the green bean we source for Twisted Goat. All our coffee is 100% Ethically Sourced and roasted in small batches by hand in the Rocky Mountain valley.   We invite you to go ahead and try one of our unique coffee blends that boosts your next adventure. It’s a big world out there. Go explore. The Founders Twisted Goat Coffee Roasters More

Viva Cacao Ltd
THE ALCHEMIST Deep in the mountains of southeastern British Columbia, a passionate woman is making and celebrating heart-opening nutritious and delicious chocolate surrounded by cedar trees, elk and white swans. Yup, white swans. Beth Campbell is creating small-batch chocolate magic from her rural home in the Kootenays using superfoods, alternative sweeteners (such as coconut sugar) and mindfully-sourced and fairly-traded cacao. Oh and there’s definitely some serious love mixed in there too. Beth was drawn into the world of small-batch artisan chocolate after getting frustrated about the lack of options on local store shelves. Although she always had a passion for cooking and baking, she had never made chocolate before. She threw caution to the wind, bought some molds and jumped right into what would become a life-changing endeavour. She decided to combine her love of alchemy, medicinal ingredients and flavour combinations to bring you chocolate that’s real. Beth also found a way to... More

Wineland Dressings
Peter and his wife, Valencia, founded Wineland Dressings in 2000 while Peter was executive Chef at Hillside Estate Winery in Penticton. He was Chef at Hillside until 2009 when he decided to concentrate on Wineland Dressings full time. Peter grew up in Penticton, graduating from Penticton High School in 1977. He attended Norwich City College in Norwich U.K. obtaining a diploma in Hotel & Catering Management. Several years experience working for international hotel companies and national catering operations resulted in Peter becoming the Food and Beverage Manager of London’s famous Café Royal. The Grill Room Restaurant obtained a prestigious Michelin Star while Peter was involved with the Café Royal. Peter met and married Valencia in London and after the birth of their first child decided to return to Canada and Penticton. He worked as Chef in several of the finest restaurants in the South Okanagan developing many of the products that Wineland Dressings now offer. Wineland Dressings was created... More

Wise Bites Collections Inc.
Just a family business looking to change the world, one better snack choice at a time. Our family is passionate about taking care of one another through delicious, healthy food. We created Wise Bites to spread that love to others. Putting delicious, nutritious baked goods in your purse, lunch bag or backpack is our jam. Since inclusiveness is also our thing, we work hard to make sure our snacks are free from the top 11 allergens so everyone can partake. You can feel confident sending these to school or setting them out for guests knowing we are certified nut-free, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and Kosher! We always go the extra mile to choose top-quality ingredients that fuel you with energy over the empty fillers contained in other common lunchbox snacks. By using organic quinoa flour, certified gluten-free oat flour, organic coconut oil and natural sugars, for instance, we make baked goods that are lower in refined sugar and higher in protein, minerals and fibre. Thank you for choosing... More