THE BOG Riverside Cranberry Farm

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THE BOG Riverside Cranberry Farm
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Our Story

Local roots grow deep… Farming has been in the Dewit family for generations. Brian’s grandparents were local dairy and poultry farmers and his parents, Jack and Joanne Dewit continued the tradition with dairy and hogs in the Fort Langley area. In 1999 the opportunity to expand into growing cranberries became a new direction of farming for the family.    

Growing up on a farm, Brian is grateful for his upbringing and the privilege of working alongside his parents. He continues to share this love of the land, continually learning from the experience and seeing the literal “fruits” of his labour. 

In 2010 we began our own separate cranberry farm, planting 35 acres across the road from the existing family farm and joining the Ocean Spray Cranberry Cooperative. 

11 years later, we are still passionate about our cranberries and work hard to grow high quality fruit. A couple years ago, we decided to share our berries directly with our local BC market and made the move to become partly independent producers. Now during the Fall months, our seasonal fresh cranberries can be found in specialty grocery stores across the Lower Mainland.

THE BOG is located in the heart of Glen Valley, bordering the Fraser River and surrounded by beautiful mountains, including the majestic Mt. Baker on the horizon.

We are so thankful for the opportunity we have to raise our five children in this beautiful place. It is our hope that they will grow to become the third generation on this family farm. 

Each year we eagerly anticipate the end of September when our harvest begins. For the last couple of years, we have shared this bountiful time opening up our farm to the local community during the annual Fort Langley Cranberry Festival. 

We are proud to be BC farmers who can offer our fresh seasonal berries and farm to table products to the local market. 

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